Soul Realignment may be something that you have never heard of.  You may be wondering what it does?

The easiest way to explain it is to say that it allows me (with your permission of course) to find information from your soul.  We can find out what basic characteristics your soul was created with. There are distinct soul groups and your soul will be in one of those and it could be totally different from any one else that you know.

Customer Testimonials

The soul realignment experience has been amazing, I was a little at first apprehensive.  Diane was very professional, she gave a consultation of over an hour and emailed me a copy of the in-depth report.  I have used the report to refer back to. 
                                              Christine W

I have had a good experience with Diane at  Soul Alignment Healing.  She is a very insightful person and has really helped me get in touch with my inner self. She is very passionate about her clients and connected to the right solutions to improve the energy flow to each individual’s desired results.  Diane is also an intelligent and caring person with an inner guidance connection to her patients. Her unique and therapeutic approach to healing empowers you to understand and identify and improve positive energy while releasing energy blockages.  I have benefited from the Soul Alignment Healing process and highly recommend Diane. 

Female, Age 33